Analytical Solutions for Environmental and Biopharmaceutical Applications

Microfluidica delivers multiple automation solutions for microfluidic sample preparation and analysis employing flow-based fluid processing in narrow-bore tubing based on several technologies.


Microfluidic Pumps
Microfluidic BioAnalyzer
Microfluidic Automated Ion Analyzers
Microfluidic Automated Solvent Extraction System
Microfluidic Automated Chemiluminescence Analyzer
Microfluidic Chemiluminescence Detector
Microfluidic Automated ATP Analyzer

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• Flow injection analysis
• Injection segmented flow analysis
• Sequential injection analysis
• Zone fluidics

In addition to providing its own line of products and applications directly to end-users, Microfluidica develops preparative and analytical solutions for proprietary uses including hardware, software and chemistry components and integrated systems based on both custom-designed OEM components and systems and licensing agreements.

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Zone Fluidics Analysis

Zone Fluidics (ZF) is a powerful and flexible technology for automating sample preparation and analysis using microfluidic-based robotics. At the core of the system are the SmoothFlow Pump which provides pulseless bi-directional delivery of samples, standards and reagents and stream selection valves to direct the fluids to the appropriate Unit Operation. A Unit Operation is any device used to process samples in-line including heaters, UV digestors, micro-distillers, solvent extractors (liquid-liquid or solid phase), ion exchangers and detectors.

To view a tutorial on ZF, click on the Technology tab and then click Download Tutorial on Zone Fluidics.

Microfluidica provides both application-based (see Products tab) and customized solutions using zone fluidics technology for both laboratory and process applications. In addition, experimental platforms are available for research and teaching labs.

MobiChem Mobile Chemistry Analyzer

MobiChem is specifically designed for small and properly equipped mobile laboratories for automating sample preparation and analysis of chemical species in waters.  Sample types include drinking water, waste water, ground water, surface waters and storm run-off waters.

Sample Preparation

MobiChem automates several complex in-line sample preparation procedures including:

  • Digestion
  • Dilution
  • Distillation
  • Extraction
  • Gas diffusion
  • Calibration standards preparation

Once prepared, MobiChem then processes standards and samples using the appropriate chemical analysis method for species including ammonia, chloride, total cyanide, nitrate, nitrite, total nitrogen, total phenol, ortho-phosphate, total phosphorus and surfactants.

Based on the technology of Zone Fluidics, MobiChem enables very flexible and complex sample processing to occur.  Each sample is treated discretely with complete inter-sample washout to prevent any carryover or cross-contamination to maximize accuracy and precision.

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SmoothFlow Microfluidic Pumps

Whether you’re pumping liquids or gases, SmoothFlow Microfluidic Pumps provide positive displacement, self-priming and pulseless fluid delivery from nL to mL.  SmoothFlow has application in dosing, bi-directional pumping, continuous flow and stopped flow modes of operation.

Dosing (Metering)
Adding critical components to  mixtures requires both accuracy and precision.  SmoothFlow provides both consistently with automatic backlash compensation when starting and stopping.

Bi-Directional Pumping
Aspirating and dispensing are fundamental components of liquid handling.  Interfaced with the XYZ Autosampler/Fraction Collector, SmoothFlow can manipulate samples, diluents and reagents on the compact (~1 cubic foot) XYZ platform.  The combined XYZ/SmoothFlow devices can also prepare samples prior to introduction into an instrument such as a GC or LC or it can collect a prepared fraction for later processing.

Continuous and Stopped Flow
For analytical applications where continuous or stopped flow is required such as flow injection, segmented flow, sequential injection or zone fluidics analysis, SmoothFlow’s pulseless fluid delivery against a head pressure of up to 100 psi ensures accurate and precise analyte derivatization and measurement.

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AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System
The AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System is the answer to automating your QC/QA protocol by providing automation of all permutations of liquid-liquid extraction including single stage extraction, chemical conditioning followed by extraction, multiple sequential extractions, forward and back extractions and others.

Firefly Chemiluminescence Analyzer
The FireFly CL Analyzer is a complete analytical instrument for developing and performing analyses based on the highly sensitive and selective detection technique of chemiluminescence chemistries.

MobiChem Mobile Chemistry Analyzer
MobiChem is a complete mobile miniaturized autoanalyzer integrating complex sample preparation and analysis methods designed specifically for use in mobile and small laboratories where bench space is at an absolute premium.

XYZ AutoSampler / Fraction Collector
The XYZ unit can be configured to operate as an autosampler, a fraction collector or both.

SmoothFlow Microfluidic Pump
Whether you need to pump liquids or gases, the SmoothFlow pump provides exceptional performance characteristics with these unique combined features:

  • Positive displacement
  • Bi-directional
  • Pulseless
  • Self-priming
  • Flow range from uL-mL/min
  • Meters precise volumes from uL-mL
  • No pulse dampeners
  • No check valves
  • No syringes to refill or exchange
  • Chemically inert
  • Pumps liquids and gases

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