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AutoChem Automated Chemistry Analyzer

AutoChem is specifically designed for small and properly equipped mobile laboratories that process low numbers of samples, but require full automation for both sample preparation and analysis. Read more.


AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System

The AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System is the answer to automating your QC/QA protocol by providing automation of all permutations of liquid-liquid extraction including single stage extraction, chemical conditioning followed by extraction, multiple sequential extractions, forward and back extractions and others. Read more.


Firefly Chemiluminescence Analyzer

The FireFly CL Analyzer is a complete analytical instrument for developing and performing analyses based on the highly sensitive and selective detection technique of chemiluminescence chemistries. Read more.


MicroBio Analyzer Fermentation / Mammalian Cell Culture Monitor

The MicroBio Analyzer provides near-real-time monitoring and control of fermentations and mammalian cell cultures. Available in on-line, at-line and laboratory configurations, the MicroBio Analyzer determines ammonium, glucose, glutamate, glutamine, lactate and phosphate. Read more.


MobiChem Mobile Chemistry Analyzer

MobiChem is a complete portable miniaturized autoanalyzer integrating complex sample preparation and analysis methods designed specifically for use in mobile and small laboratories where bench space is at an absolute premium. Read more.

XYZ Sampler

XYZ AutoSampler / Fraction Collector

The XYZ unit can be configured to operate as an autosampler, a fraction collector or both. Read more.


SmoothFlow Microfluidic Pump

Whether you need to pump liquids or gases, the SmoothFlow pump provides exceptional performance characteristics. Read more.