AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System

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The AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System is the answer to automating your QC/QA protocol by providing automation of all permutations of liquid-liquid extraction including single stage extraction, chemical conditioning followed by extraction, multiple sequential extractions, forward and back extractions and others. Following the extraction, AutoSolv will deliver the extractant to an analytical instrument such as a GC or LC, a detector such as the optional on-board spectrophotometer or dispense it into a well or vial on the XYZ Autosampler for fraction collection. A typical extraction cycle is as short as 5 minutes and uses microliter volumes of solvent and sample in a closed, safe system.

Delivered with turnkey extraction methods developed to your specifications.

  • Fully automated as a stand-alone instrument or with control communication via USB or RS-232/485 communication protocols for interfacing with GC and LC.
  • Typical cycle time of 5 minutes for single stage extractions.
  • Minimal consumption of extractant solvent and sample.
  • Handles extractant phases either heavier or lighter than sample phase.
  • Closed microfluidic system eliminates handling of organic solvents during solvent extraction and minimizes waste generation.
  • Phase SeparatorOptional on-board chemistry reactor and spectrophotometer for analyte dervivatization and detection.
  • PC software allows user selection of ratios of sample phase, extractant phase and chemical conditioning solutions for additional method development.

Once the phase separation is completed, the desired phase is aspirated and delivered to an instrument such as the sample injection valve of a GC or LC, a detector such as an ICP or MS, the optional on-board spectrophotometer or a fraction collection position on the XYZ Autosampler / Fraction Collector.