MobiChem Mobile Chemistry Analyzer

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MobiChem is a complete miniaturized autoanalyzer designed specifically for use in mobile and small laboratories where benchspace is at an absolute premium. MobiChem eliminates bulky sample preparation equipment such as distillation glassware, MicroDist block and tubes and digestion blocks by performing these steps in a miniaturized, closed fluidic processing system which feeds directly into sample derivatization and detection components to provide a completely integrated system for sample preparation and analysis.

Total cyanide and total recoverable phenolics are among the most challenging analytes to determine in environmental samples at the required low ppb levels. But with MobiChem, all steps are automated including in-line digestion and distillation using a proprietary digestion chemistry and micro-distillation cell followed by colorimetric reaction and detection.

Samples can be introduced manually through a hand-held sample probe or automatically using the optional XYZ Autosampler.