Download Tutorial on Zone Fluidics

Zone Fluidics (ZF) is a micro-fluidic processing method combining characteristics of the three analytical flow techniques of flow injection analysis (FIA), sequential injection analysis (SIA) and injection segmented flow analysis (iSFA).

Microfluidica offers several preparative and analytical solutions for environmental and biopharma applications. Microfluidica’s core technology of zone fluidics performs sample processing in fluidic compartments bounded by different phases including liquid-gas and aqueous-organic in narrow bore polymeric tubing offered in a variety of geometries to create mixing and reaction environments which are inexpensive to create and replace as required.

A critical part of our design philosophy is the use of “unit operators”. These are devices such as phase separators, extraction coils, heaters, microdiffusion cells, multi-port selection valves, pumps, detectors, etc. These devices are selected per application and combined into an optimized sample processing system for both preparative and analytical applications.

For example, the AutoSolv Automated Solvent Extraction System for the determination of surfactants (methylene blue active substances or MBAS) uses several unit operators including an extraction coil and phase separator for sample preparation and mixing stages and a spectrophotometer for derivatization and detection. Fluid movement and direction are mediated by a pulseless bi-directional positive displacement pump and a multi-port stream selection valve to shuttle sample and reagent zones to the appropriate unit operators.