SmoothFlow Microfluidic Pumps

Whether you’re pumping liquids or gases, SmoothFlow Microfluidic Pumps provide positive displacement, self-priming and pulseless fluid delivery from nL to mL.  SmoothFlow has application in dosing, bi-directional pumping, continuous flow and stopped flow modes of operation.

Dosing (Metering)
Adding critical components to  mixtures requires both accuracy and precision.  SmoothFlow provides both consistently with automatic backlash compensation when starting and stopping.

Bi-Directional Pumping
Aspirating and dispensing are fundamental components of liquid handling.  Interfaced with the XYZ Autosampler/Fraction Collector, SmoothFlow can manipulate samples, diluents and reagents on the compact (~1 cubic foot) XYZ platform.  The combined XYZ/SmoothFlow devices can also prepare samples prior to introduction into an instrument such as a GC or LC or it can collect a prepared fraction for later processing.

Continuous and Stopped Flow
For analytical applications where continuous or stopped flow is required such as flow injection, segmented flow, sequential injection or zone fluidics analysis, SmoothFlow’s pulseless fluid delivery against a head pressure of up to 100 psi ensures accurate and precise analyte derivatization and measurement.

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