Zone Fluidics Analysis

Zone Fluidics (ZF) is a powerful and flexible technology for automating sample preparation and analysis using microfluidic-based robotics. At the core of the system are the SmoothFlow Pump which provides pulseless bi-directional delivery of samples, standards and reagents and stream selection valves to direct the fluids to the appropriate Unit Operation. A Unit Operation is any device used to process samples in-line including heaters, UV digestors, micro-distillers, solvent extractors (liquid-liquid or solid phase), ion exchangers and detectors.

To view a tutorial on ZF, click on the Technology tab and then click Download Tutorial on Zone Fluidics.

Microfluidica provides both application-based (see Products tab) and customized solutions using zone fluidics technology for both laboratory and process applications. In addition, experimental platforms are available for research and teaching labs.